Big Plans Bakery (Co-operative) started from the coming together of seven passionate young professionals in the emerging field of Sustainability. From personal connections through sustainability studies, environmental innovation and social activism the co-founders found each other and posed the question: what would a private organization look like, that had an ultimate aim to further the socio-ecological sustainability transformation.

Without a business plan, determined that a need for a specific ‘product’ or a definition whether it is a consultancy or a planning agency, we decided to test the waters and founded the co-operative officially. We began to discuss sustainability as an initiative to be integrated into all organizations, practices, and processes. We spoke of sustainability as a possibility and ourselves as an interdisciplinary group of sustainability professionals.

During the more active years, Big Plans Bakery got to conceptualize environmentally and economically sustainable living, resource smart everyday life in a future city, teach the importance of collaboration for sustainability, study micro-entrepreneurial activities as a form of cultural sustainability and plan socially sustainable social housing with both private and public sector organizations. Since 2016, the Bakers have been on their personal journies and the Bakery on a hiatus.

Big Plans Bakery: Daniel Kaufman, Jukka Karimaa, Aino Nuolioja, Markus Wikholm, Janne Salovaara, Anca Enache and Glen Forde

In 2012 we addressed sustainability as an attempt to transform the human development through observing its process, context, and aims. We’re still busy with it.

The individual members of our co-op are still active in furthering sustainability, occupying different corners of the field in private companies, government organizations, and different universities.

While Big Plans Bakery is on a hiatus, you can still contact us through: info(a)